Worldwide Accumulations

Bring Home Your Next 25000+ Stamps

$5000+ of Catalogue Value

Nothing is more satisfying than sitting down with a new pile of stamps full of discovery and incredible value to add to your worldwide collection– which is why our worldwide accumulation boxes of off paper mix are a joy for any collector. 

With over 25,000 collectible stamps (some mixed condition should be expected) on 150 manila stock pages your journey can take you all the way around the world including commemorative stamps from as many as 200 different countries.

Our surplus inventory means a bargain for you since we’re pricing to sell at only $239 plus FREE SHIPPING. Click the button below and order a box for days on days of enjoyment.

Guranteed in Each Box

Each worldwide accumulation, pulled from our surplus inventory, is a guaranteed to include the following:

  • 150 manila stock pages overflowing with stamps.
  • A wide variety of different stamps (duplication to be expected).
  • All off paper mix!
  • Hundreds of countries
  • Full of Commemoratives
  • Over $5000 of catalogue value
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

All for only $239 plus FREE SHIPPING!

Fun For Days

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